We are trying `to provide a platform for law students who want to set there career in Indian judiciary. lawpreparation.com is  the mode which reflect our desire. As it is well known fact that “law is for the society not society is for the law”, and that is also set by the sociological school of jurisprudence that society changes with the time and time is such a thing which controls human and its behavior along with all known and unknown things not human can control the time…yet :-)…

So as per the need of the day and demand of the time in which internet so welly established in our society and we adopted it from both hand, we are trying to provide all assistance for law aspirant (like career opportunity in govt. & psu’s, entrance exam, judicial-exam, NET exam, AIBE exam, CLAT exam focusing upon public sector, law exam, law preparation, along with study material, for which we are trying to do our best)  which help them out to set there career in the field of law.

We welcome all the suggestions if anyone want to give for the improvement and requirements and in the interest and benefit of the law aspirants. one can also comment on the related post to give the suggestion.

And also contact us by email us at- lawpreparation@gmail.com


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